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For Manufacturers and Wholesalers
Cin7 Core

One of the most feature rich cloud ERP tools on the market, designed to meet the needs of SME manufacturers. A great option if you're looking to get control of your orders, production or warehouse.


Streamline your operations and improve efficiency with this powerful inventory management tool. A cost effective way of automating inventory, sales and purchase processes.


Get control of your inventory and increase manufacturing efficiency with this real time planning tool. Known for being intuitive and easy to use, it also integrates well with various eCommerce tools.


Streamline your manufacturing and wider business functions into one central place with this specialised food and drink resource planning tool. As you grow access more features such as supply chain management, sales management and compliance.

For Automation and Collaboration

Effectively organise all your business data and migrate away from Excel with this visual data management tool. Use it to connect with other tools in your business to reduce manual data entry and reduce mistakes.


Connect your favourite tools and visually build comprehensive workflows between them with this custom automation tool.


Build custom web and mobile applications without code using this visual programming platform.


Build custom applications with comprehensive business logic using this visual programming platform.


Ensure your teams stay well organised using this leading productivity tool. With a customisable interface it's a great way to implement a centralised workspace for document sharing and collaboration.

For HR and Finance teams

Manage your business finances in real-time and from anywhere with this user friendly accounting tool. Use it to automate invoicing, expense tracking, payroll, bank reconciliations and more.

HR Locker

Streamline management of your staff with this comprehensive human resource management tool. Use it to get structure around important processes like performance, time and attendance, leave and absence.

For Mobile Workforces

Get real time visibility and control of your workforce, and manage customer appointments with this job and field service management tool.


Organise your mobile workforce and keep your customers informed with this business management tool.  Great for any services business making home visits.

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Post Partner generated a x10 increase in sales conversations by implementing Rubik’s Predictable Pipeline platform

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