Increase efficiency and productivity

Use technology to protect profits over the long term

Build resilience by connecting your processes and teams with the latest technology

Streamlined processes
better tools & training
Standardised procedures
Less paper & more data
  • OpEx Training Programme
  • Digital Operations Toolset
  • High Performance Teams
OpEx Training Programme

Take a people first approach to technology change

By the end of our structured 12 week OpEx training programme, you will have a new cloud ERP that you and your teams feel confident using.

By placing you and your teams at the heart of the implementation process, we make sure its tailored to your needs and delivers ROI quickly.

Digital Operations Toolset

Ready to use operations toolset
in only six weeks

In no more than 6 weeks you will get a ready to use operations toolset, comprising of a finance package linked to one or more tools relevant to your industry.

For scaling businesses looking to get new technology in place quickly , we give you an easy to use, low cost of ownership solution, that provides you with the fundamental capabilities that all businesses need.

High Performance Teams

Make life better for your teams and easier for you

Get people management software to help you recruit, train, retain and manage high quality staff. We give you the tools you need to build high performing teams.

HR tools are no longer just for large businesses. Our solutions are designed specifically for SMEs with compelling business cases to match.


Rubik & Katana MRP

Rubik are approved Katana implementation partner since 2022. With implementations under our belt across a number of industries, we can make sure you get the most from this tool.

KatanaMRP for BigCommerce
New ways to engage prospects
What We Did

Post Partner generated a x10 increase in sales conversations by implementing Rubik’s Predictable Pipeline platform

What We Did

Operational Excellence Guide

Follow these 10 steps to develop your own strategy for operational excellence.